Friday, January 31, 2014

Amazon Fulfillment

Today we shipped a whole bunch of Snake Sandbags™ to Amazon so they can handle fulfillment for us. What does that mean? Not only are we listed on Amazon, but if you are a Prime Member or purchase qualifying products, including Snake Sandbags™, totaling over $35, you can get free shipping! Sweet deal!

Now that we have converted our inventory to become theirs, our listings have become inactive. It's a strange thing since our products are in transit and Amazon has an exact count of items we shipped, yet out listings are inactive and not searchable within We expect this to be resolved by next week, but if you would like check out the Snake Sandbags™ product page on Amazon, click here.

Since you can't buy them right now, we're planning to give a few away next week. Stay tuned.

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