Thursday, January 30, 2014


Our labels that are sewn on all Snake Sandbags have evolved over time. Today, they are sewn right onto the Snake Sandbags so there is no tag hanging. It is also the case that our printers had challenges with initial runs of printing on canvas, which the labels are made of. Instead of trashing them, we said why throw them out and we used them. Some people got some Snake Sandbags with labels with lettering in colors like green. It doesn't affect functionality of the sandbags and those who have Snake Sandbags with tags or labels with funky colors, you should feel lucky. Those are not around anymore. I do have to say we found a small box of these funky colored labels, but they do not meet our production specs for size. Otherwise, more would be out there.

Another thing about the current labels is they are sewn individually and not by an automated machine, so they are not always perfect. It's a bit quirky, but we go with it. Once again, it doesn't affect functionality of the sandbags, but it's our human touch to it. It's not that we have standards, we do. So, if you look at the labels and it's a bit off, know that someone put their hard work into it even thought it's not perfect.

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