Friday, February 21, 2014

Uses/Applications: Melting Snow

It's been a rough winter here in Indiana and it's not even over yet. There has been lots and lots of snow and below freezing temperatures over long stretches that seemed like an eternity. I know many in different parts of the U.S. have even experienced worse, so we really can't complain. But, now we have multiple days of sun and warmer weather (above freezing) which gives us another issue to deal with: melting snow. Water. And lots of it.

Here are some uses we know about and others have shared with us in using Snake Sandbags™ during this time:
  • Keeping water out of garages. Even though many garage doors have gaskets at the bottom of the door to keep out critters and water, water still seems to seep into that small crevice. Block it before it gets close.
  • Keeping water away from other things in the garage. Okay, we may be a little late for this one. A few customers have told us they use their garage for storing other items and they need to keep the melting snow that ends up on their cars from causing water damage to those precious valuables. Though, in my case, I try to get all the ice and snow completely off the car and even out of the wheel wells before putting the car in the garage, I do tend to have experienced puddles of water the next morning. I can just imagine what others have to deal with. 
  • Directing water in the basement. Many homes in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas have unfinished basements and with it comes the challenge of water seeping from the walls. Since Snake Sandbags™ are flexible, they are really handy when you want to direct water in the direction you'd like, most likely toward the drain.
If you have any other suggestions that Snake Sandbags™ has helped you deal with the melting snow, leave a comment below. We'd love to hear about it!

New Section: Uses/Applications

We get comments how individuals are using Snake Sandbags™ and sometimes we are surprised, in a good way. We do like to hear how Snake Sandbags™are helping solve various problems and realize that we should share that information since someone may benefit from someone else's insight. So, we are starting a new section on the blog called "Uses/Applications". It may cover a certain industry, locations Snake Sandbags may be helpful, or even a certain situation that they may come in handy for. Our first post will be revolved around something we are dealing with here in the mid-west: melting snow. After all the accumulation, the temperatures over the last few days rose above freezing quite quickly. Well, instead of snow, now we are dealing with a lot of water... and potholes, but Snake Sandbags™ can't really do much for that. That post will be next.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weekly Giveaway

We had a lot of fun watching out for our listings to be updated on Amazon (see more about that post) and the opportunity to give a Snake Sandbags™ of the winner's choice for those couple of days. We enjoyed the experience so much that we have decided to have a weekly giveway. Same premise: winner gets one (1) Snakes Sandbags™ of their choice (up to $40.99 in value). Look for it as we'll have the first weekly giveaway up soon. Some more info about the giveaways:

* When will each weekly giveaways finish? Mondays at 11:59 am. We like the idea that we can brighten someone's day or even week right at the beginning of the week.

* How long will we run this? We don't know. We'd like to run it all the time, but factors may change it up.

* Who is it open to? Anyone in the United States, 18 or over. We do not like the idea of excluding anyone, but there are certain legal limitations that prevents us from opening it up to everyone in the world.

* Do you have to buy anything? Absolutely not. We'll even incur the shipping costs to your legal address in the United States.

* What do I have to provide to enter? An email address or a facebook login ID.

* Can I enter more than once each week? No, we have methods to identify entries that are automated and/or duplicate entries and will disqualify those entries as we see fit.

* How can one increase their odds for the each giveaway? There will be ways to get additional entries for each weekly giveaway (e.g., be a Twitter follower, FaceBook fan, etc). We'll try to make it interesting and fun for other ways to get more entries.Have any ideas, let us know.

* What are the odds? The totally depends on number of participants and entries for each giveaway. Remember, we start from scratch every week. So keep trying every week.

* Does one have to manually enter every week? Yes, each week is a different giveaway. It starts over every Monday at noon. All previous entries are deleted.

* Where can I enter? It will be listed somewhere on this blog. You can click on the uses/applications link found under Labels in the right hand column of this blog. You can also visit our Facebook page, and click on the 'ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY' image.

Well, there you have it. Enjoy and good luck! Let us know if you have any questions and if you want to know more about the Snake Sandbags™ you may choose if you win, visit

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Amazon listings are up!

Snake Sandbags™ listings are now active on! Inventory is spotty and should be updated in a few days, so you can now take advantage of free shipping for Prime members and qualifying orders over $35.

Special thanks to Tracy Foot, author of How You Can Maximize Student Aid, and owner of multiple web properties, LatinAmericaFocus, KidsandMoneyToday, and TracyTrends, for providing a way to get listings up sooner. It just so happened that a few hours after implementing her recommendations, Amazon updated their listings. How fortunate!

What does that mean about the daily giveaway for today described in an earlier posting? We're still having it today. Will get the giveaway it on the blog, but for those of you on Facebook and can't wait to enter, click here to go to our giveaway page on Facebook. Remember, it ends tonight at 11:59 pm, so get your entries!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Interesting reminder why we created Snake Sandbags™

Last week, a competitor called. Okay, maybe they didn't see it that way, but they sold sandbags and they weren't Snake Sandbags™, so I viewed them as competition. The gentleman asked if a specific model number was part of our product lineup and I immediately knew it's not anything we provide. Rather than end the call right then, without hesitation, I asked him to give more information about what he is looking for. He gave me some info, I took his contact details, and told him I'd get back to him.  I think he was a bit surprised. When first starting Snake Sandbags™, we performed much market analysis and even competitive analysis (and that gentleman's company was part of that analysis) and if there was anything in our research that could help him out, why not share it.

The call, happened during a conversation  I was having with someone who is not affiliated with Snake Sandbags™. I felt rude that our talk was interrupted and wanted to explain that I took that call for so long so I can help someone out; even if it's a competitor. She mentioned she would take the same approach. I was humbled and honored to be in her company. I know many others see business a cut-throat, grab all the market share you can get even if you steal it from your competitors. Snake Sandbags™ came out of a situation to help someone stop flooding issues in their garage every time a big storm hit. We wanted to come up with a solution because we saw the impact on not only the physical damage, but the emotional one as well. It was never let's create this company that specializes in sandbags; there's a huge market for it. It was about let's make something that helped someone and out of that we realized we should make it available to those who can benefit from its use.

I do feel the universe (or whatever you believe in) provides an abundance of opportunities and selling sandbags is not a zero sum game. I also believe this applies to many other industries. I refer to a Trevor Blake-ism to sum up how to go about it: "Make a positive difference in someone's life, have fun doing it, and share in the material rewards that come naturally as a result". Snake Sandbags™ may not be a solution for everyone, but I know we can do whatever we can to help others when needed. This call was a nice reminder why we got into this business.

Anyway, back to the call. I responded to the gentlemen with some information, but haven't heard back from him. It may have been the case that he was doing his own competitive analysis. In between all this time, maybe I was looking at his organization in the wrong way. Maybe he's not a competitor, but a possible seller of Snake Sandbags™.

Okay, gotta go make a call....