Friday, February 21, 2014

New Section: Uses/Applications

We get comments how individuals are using Snake Sandbags™ and sometimes we are surprised, in a good way. We do like to hear how Snake Sandbags™are helping solve various problems and realize that we should share that information since someone may benefit from someone else's insight. So, we are starting a new section on the blog called "Uses/Applications". It may cover a certain industry, locations Snake Sandbags may be helpful, or even a certain situation that they may come in handy for. Our first post will be revolved around something we are dealing with here in the mid-west: melting snow. After all the accumulation, the temperatures over the last few days rose above freezing quite quickly. Well, instead of snow, now we are dealing with a lot of water... and potholes, but Snake Sandbags™ can't really do much for that. That post will be next.

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