Friday, February 21, 2014

Uses/Applications: Melting Snow

It's been a rough winter here in Indiana and it's not even over yet. There has been lots and lots of snow and below freezing temperatures over long stretches that seemed like an eternity. I know many in different parts of the U.S. have even experienced worse, so we really can't complain. But, now we have multiple days of sun and warmer weather (above freezing) which gives us another issue to deal with: melting snow. Water. And lots of it.

Here are some uses we know about and others have shared with us in using Snake Sandbags™ during this time:
  • Keeping water out of garages. Even though many garage doors have gaskets at the bottom of the door to keep out critters and water, water still seems to seep into that small crevice. Block it before it gets close.
  • Keeping water away from other things in the garage. Okay, we may be a little late for this one. A few customers have told us they use their garage for storing other items and they need to keep the melting snow that ends up on their cars from causing water damage to those precious valuables. Though, in my case, I try to get all the ice and snow completely off the car and even out of the wheel wells before putting the car in the garage, I do tend to have experienced puddles of water the next morning. I can just imagine what others have to deal with. 
  • Directing water in the basement. Many homes in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas have unfinished basements and with it comes the challenge of water seeping from the walls. Since Snake Sandbags™ are flexible, they are really handy when you want to direct water in the direction you'd like, most likely toward the drain.
If you have any other suggestions that Snake Sandbags™ has helped you deal with the melting snow, leave a comment below. We'd love to hear about it!

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