Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Industry Standards

When buying sandbags that are not filled, it is the norm that the dimensions provided are for the length and possibly the width. This seems to be the industry standard. When doing our research before launching Snake Sandbags™, we figured it made sense since you get an overall context of size from those dimensions. We followed suit.

We have Snake Sandbags™ that come in three, four, five, and six foot lengths and even custom sizes. There are times when we have to explain to customers that the industry standard is to provide dimensions of the sandbags when empty, not when they are filled. We realize that is somewhat ridiculous. If you want want six foot Snake Sandbags™, you probably want it to be six feet, not six feet minus an inch or two when filled with sand.

So, we are bucking normal conventions and to hell with industry standards (We also recognize industry standards play an important role, but Snake Sandbags™ is not really similar to anything out on the market today.). We are now sizing all Snake Sandbags™ to make sure they are at least the length specified when filled with sand. Yeah, sure it hits our bottom line a little since we need to use more materials and we are not raising prices because of this, but it just makes sense, especially from our customers' point-of-view.

Our manufacturing specifications are now taking this sizing into account, but our current inventory is still mixed. For many, an inch is not a big deal. If you have purchased Snake Sandbags™ and it is an issue for you, let us know and we will make it right.