Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Inventory Reset on Amazon.

In the past few weeks, we have been diligently working with Amazon to resolve some inventory management issues that has impacted access to purchasing Snake Sandbags™ for customers. On both ends, we realize there are discrepancies and it's challenging since it is always a moving target to reconcile inventory levels as more inventory is shipped, processed, and sold. Amazon's distribution system is extremely complex and shipments to customers do not only originate from one warehouse. Imagine tracking all inventory in multiple warehouses. It's mind-boggling. So, we have decided to do an inventory reset. What?! We have stopped shipments to Amazon and letting all the inventory sell out. Yes, it is intentional. Why? It's easier on both ends to start from zero. From nothing. From even-Steven. This way there will be less disruption due to conflicting inventory management issues moving forward.

How are we going about it? We will ship Snake Sandbags™ to Amazon once we verify that a specific length has zeroed out. What does that mean? Amazon tracks everything and we mean everything regarding inventory. If there is a shipment en route, they are tracking it. If it's sitting in one of their distribution warehouses, they are tracking it. If it's in processing ready to go out, they are tracking it. You get the idea. Not only does it have to sell out, we are waiting until it has cleared out completely on Amazon's system. From the tools Amazon provides us, we can see this info and know where we stand.

As of today, the six and four footers have pretty much zeroed out. We should be resuming shipments for the six and four footers within a day or two and Amazon should have them in their warehouses by the end of this week. Give them a few days to process the shipments and they should be available for sale once again early next week.

There you have it. An inventory reset - not sure if that's an industry term, but who cares. It describes what we are doing. If you have any questions or need to order any Snake Sandbags™ in the meantime, give a call at 317-721-1006. As always, we will do our best to make sure you are taken care of.